Arnold Schwarzenegger’s term as California governor is up and he’s looking to make an onscreen comeback. Despite being one of the top action stars, the 63-year-old actor considers his age for his return to filming.

So what screenplay caught Arnold’s interest? With Wings As Eagles written by Randall Wallace. Why did the script catch his eye?

“Extreme fighting and shooting isn’t possible for me anymore. In the future I’ll need to pick my roles according to my age. Clint Eastwood did it the same way. In With Wings As Angels I would play an older soldier, but the script still has all kinds of adventure.”

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold would portray an aging German soldier in World War II, who, against orders, commits to rescuing prisoners of war.

It’s a premise that seems to fit Arnold just fine. Nothing is set in stone, but it’d be a good role for Arnold’s comeback in cinema. I just hope his one-liners will make a return as well.