For the last two years Ridley Scott and Fox have been working on an Alien prequel. Was it needed? Not necessarily — but alas, Damon Lindelof (Lost) came onboard to help Scott rewrite the screenplay.

Then a swerve occurred that no one was expecting: the Alien prequel strayed from its source material and became an original story. The new sci-fi film is entitled Prometheus.

“While Alien was indeed the jumping off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place.”

— Ridley Scott

Actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) who was to star in the prequel will star in Prometheus.

Others have mentioned that it’s a bold move by Fox to greenlight an original sci-fi film as opposed to sticking with a project that has a strong franchise behind it, and it’s true. Studios usually stick with what’s safe.

With a few notable, original films in the past year; hopefully Prometheus furthers ushering in originality with studios.