A documentary is coming out this year on the infamous director Uwe Boll; the film is entitled Raging Boll. And yes, it’ll be about his life on and off set. It’s directed by Dan Lee West.

Interesting enough, Dan Lee West was a crew member on a couple of Uwe Boll’s movies while filming the documentary.

Despite the unanimous dislike for the director, I’m very interested in seeing Raging Boll. His genuine belief that he shoots well-made films will be a riveting delusion to witness. And his delusion runs deep enough that he challenged five critics to a boxing match in 2006 — which was unfair due to him being a former amateur boxer. But why issue the challenge? Because pummeling them proved he’s a good director. At least that’s what he thinks. Footage from the boxing matches will make the cut in the documentary.

Uwe Boll’s past backlash towards his critics reminds me of M. Night Shyamalan’s recent hateful remarks towards his own. Both directors have earned themselves bad reputations. And they clearly need to have a boxing match to decide the most delusional director.

Sorry for the tangent.

The documentary Raging Boll will premiere this year at the Austin Film Festival in Texas. I impatiently await a nationwide release on DVD.