Actor Doug Bradley who has played the part of Pinhead in all the past Hellraiser films has decided not to reprise the role in the next installment entitled Hellraiser: Revelations. Now in the role will be relatively unknown Stephan Smith Collins.

Others question if Stephan Smith Collins will bring the same demeanor that Doug Bradley did to Pinhead. Bradley portrayed Pinhead as articulate and not as your typical, cliche horror monster. Only time will tell if Collins does the same for Pinhead.

The screenplay is written by Gary J. Tunnicliffe. In the lead roles will be Nick Eversham and Jay Gillespie as Steve and Nico. The premise deals with Steve and Nico backpacking in Mexico and discovering the Pandora puzzle box. A new character named “Pseudo Pinhead” will play a key role in the new film, who is a faithful servant of the real Pinhead.

Directed by Victor Garcia, Hellraiser: Revelations will be released in the U.S. on DTV next year by Dimension Films.

What can I say? I have a soft spot for horror films.