The screenwriter for Sherlock Holmes Anthony Peckham has been hired to script Paramount’s spy thriller for Jack Ryan; a character written by author Tom Clancy.

Jack Ryan first served as a platoon commander whose military career ended prematurely when his platoon’s helicopter crashed over a Greek Island during a NATO exercise. After a long recovery process and leading a civilian life, Ryan joined the CIA.

Portraying Jack Ryan will be actor Chris Pine, who I consider a good fit for the character. He has a strong presence as James T. Kirk in Star Trek, which gives him credence for the part of Jack Ryan.

The film’s premise will revolve around Jack Ryan’s early career set in Russia. It’s still unclear if it’ll be a faithful adaptation to the novels, or if the novels will simply serve as sources. Either way, Anthony Peckham is making a name for himself with studios. It’ll be interesting to see where this will go.