Yesterday was preview night for Comic-Con, but it didn’t feel like it at all. Downtown was congested with traffic and parking lots were quickly filling up; there were droves of people walking to and from the convention center. It was already packed when I got inside with a friend. It became a physical feat for us to reach the meeting spot with another friend. It felt like a normal day at Comic-Con . . . and it was only preview night.

We eventually got to the Marvel booth, which had a life-size version of Odin’s throne. There was a queue for posters, so being the comic nerds we are, we got in line. We reached the front and were handed the Thor posters of the art pieces I wrote about yesterday. Score. We asked if they’ll be giving away the Captain America posters as well — we were told that they’ll be handed out later; to check back later. Naturally we headed back to the booth and glanced over the table — they were handing out the Captain America posters. We booked it to the end of the line; one of my friends lightly shoved a kid out of the way. What can I say? It’s exclusive posters and we must have them. So yes, I now have both posters — mission accomplished. I’m ecstatic over it.

What feels like forever ago, preview night at Comic-Con was more of a way to pick up our badges and take a quick look around the floor. There were hardly any booths set up and many were still in the process of getting ready. Yesterday, it felt like an actual Comic-Con day; all the booths were open for business. Today the real fun begins. God help us all.