Directed by Zack Snyder and co-written by him and Steve Shibuya is the original film, Sucker Punch.

The basic premise is that Babydoll is brought to an asylum by her father to keep her quiet about the abuses he put her through. There, she meets other patients by the names of Rocket, Sweet Pea, Blondie, and Amber. A psychologist by the name of Mrs. Gorsky specializes in sound therapy and uses music and dance to help her patients.

The dances the girls use act as a cinematic gateway into their elaborate fantasies to procure the items they believe they need to escape the asylum. It doesn’t make their actions inconsequential — making mistakes in the fantasy has consequences in reality. Suffice to say, the fantasies are out there and tread into anime territory. I’d compare the feel of the movie to Casshern.

Snyder was accompanied at the panel by his cast, Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, and Carla Gugino. We were told that the girls were trained by Navy SEALs in a twelve week training course to prepare for their roles. Before the teaser was shown, the girls said they haven’t seen the footage yet and were excited to finally watch it. They hinted at wanting to sit in the audience, so Snyder laughed and gave them the go ahead. Geeking out, they practically ran off the stage to find a seat to watch the teaser.

Snyder was humorously asked what’s it like going from directing practically an all male cast in 300 to directing an all female cast in Sucker Punch — he chuckled and said he had to change the dynamic a little bit.