The panel for Captain America: The First Avenger brought out director Joe Johnston, and actors Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving. Johnston went on to explain that they only began filming five days ago, but they really wanted to share footage with us. He cued the clip and World War II propaganda footage played superimposed on Captain America’s shield. As it ended, it showed Chris Evans in the costume turning towards the camera — the audience went crazy. The title showed, then we suddenly see Captain America throwing his shield at the camera — thunderous applause from the crowd.

What we saw was a costume test, but from our reactions, they’re very much on track with its direction.

Chris Evans wasn’t shy about talking about some people’s apprehension about him portraying Captain America, but he believes that if the movie is good, people will be accepting of him. Evans feels the pressure, but he’s trying not to think about how big the scope is due to the character being one of the biggest names in Marvel Comics — saying he might have a panic attack if he thinks about it too much. He went on to say that he really likes the costume and hopes to do the character justice.

Hugo Weaving refused to do his German accent, but did inform the audience that he’s been working with the Red Skull mask. It’s a series of lightweight pieces on his face, enabling him to convey emotions — though in V for Vendetta he’s proven that he doesn’t need his facial expressions to emote.

The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige wanted to show us rough footage despite it still having the time-stamp on it. It begins with Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt (before he becomes Red Skull) leading a group of Nazi soldiers to open a sarcophagus, looking for something that belonged to Odin. The jewel in the sarcophagus ends up being a fake, but it doesn’t affect Schmidt who quickly finds it in a secret compartment on a wall.

The feel of the footage felt a lot like Indiana Jones, which is exciting to me. After all, the movie does entirely take place during World War II, and it’s a perfect fit. Hugo Weaving is very effective as the antagonist with a demanding screen presence. And the footage we were shown was already tying in with Thor, furthering the universe Marvel Studios is creating with their films. The audience went crazy for it. It’s a highly anticipated film and one of the landmarks for Comic-Con this year.