Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern panel kicked off with director Martin Campbell who went on to bring out stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard. Reynolds was wearing a Green Lantern ring which many in the audience were quick to notice.

Campbell referred to the EW cover of Green Lantern while describing the costume. It’s done entirely in CG, and he informed the audience that it’s still a work in progress and it’ll look really cool in the finished product.

The teaser of the movie had a cosmic feel, traveling to the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps. and showed glimpses of them. A scene was shown of Reynolds brandishing the ring and conjuring a giant, green fist knocking out a bunch of guys. We didn’t see Reynolds in the costume — most likely because it’s still being worked on.

During the Q&A a boy asked Reynolds to recite the Green Lantern oath, who was more than willing and got into character gravely performing the monologue. The boy was in awe and reacted by making a fist up at Reynolds displaying his Green Lantern ring. Reynolds in return made a fist back and pretended that their rings were at odds. He then proclaimed that the child is so cute and he wants to give him an autograph. The audience cheered for the kid — I’m sure it’ll be a very cherished memory for him.

At the close for the panel, Ryan Reynolds told the attendees that he had kept the ring during production and hasn’t parted with it, but he felt that Comic-Con was the perfect place to pass it down. He had us reach under our chairs, and a lady who found the paper Reynolds described earned the ring from the man himself. It was a successful panel and got all of us stoked for the film.