Syfy is launching a production site called B Movie Mogul, which will be used as a platform for viewers of the network to pitch and vote on ideas for an upcoming Syfy film. Viewers will essentially have control of dialogue, character deaths, creatures, and the title of the movie.

As of right now the three concepts to vote on are; Bermuda Triangle, a 2010 apocalypse story, and a Roswell movie.

Syfy does produce a few gems, but they’re far and few between. This next film project will definitely be mediocre, but if Syfy is smart, it’ll execute it with a tongue-in-cheek feel. Just have fun with it instead of attempting a serious sci-fi thriller or horror film.

I hope this doesn’t become a trend for networks — it’s a sign of creative laziness and it’s bound to churn out horrendous movies. So yes, I do hope this project crashes and burns in a spectacular fashion. Sure, it’s good to have outside input, but relying so heavily on that for creative influence is a crutch. It would be another step towards mediocrity.