Comic-Con’s continued growth has organizers looking at other possibilities while San Diego plans on expanding their convention center to suit Comic-Con’s needs. A labor union in Anaheim recently warned organizers that a move there could jeopardize future events when there’s heated labor disputes.

This works in San Diego’s favor even though Anaheim is still on the table — but will organizers really want to take the chance? The only con with San Diego is that Comic-Con is outgrowing the convention center, but with plans for expansion, it shouldn’t be a continued problem. The location works perfect for the event: hotels, bars, malls, and a trolley system that helps ease parking issues. All of these are within walking distance of the convention center. It’s convenient.

Maybe I’m biased, but I firmly believe that Comic-Con should stay in San Diego. It was conceived here, and it should continue being held here. Each year it helps significantly boost our economy. We should carry through with the plan of expanding the convention center. It’s a San Diego landmark the city should work hard to keep.

Source: (LA Weekly)