Admittedly, I haven’t really seen actor Tim Blake Nelson’s work before until recently with HBO’s Watchmen. He quickly captivated me with his character, Looking Glass; a brilliant, yet damaged and paranoid detective. I was a fan of the graphic novel, and even with Looking Glass being an entirely new character, he fast became my favorite part of the show.

Nelson was recently cast as the lead in the indie film, Ghosts of Ozarks, a story about a doctor brought to a remote town, and begins questioning his own principles and ethics.

Really, that’s all I need to know to pique my interest. His portrayal of Looking Glass shows that he can emote a person with emotional turmoil and conflict from within. And he does that in a way that makes him fascinating on screen.

Coincidentally, it’s directed by Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long; who wrote it with Tara Perry and Sean Anthony Davis.

By the way, if you haven’t seen HBO’s Watchmen, you really should.