Olivia Wilde’s first effort directing a feature-length film quickly earned her a fantastic reputation as a director. And enough so, that various studios bid against each other for her next movie project, with New Line winning the rights. While her first film, Booksmart, leaned on comedy, her next effort is a psychological thriller.

Entitled Don’t Worry Darling, the movie takes place in an isolated utopia in the 1950s. I can’t say that much else is known about the plot, but the co-writer for Booksmart, Katie Silberman, will rewrite the script for Wilde. Which by all means sounds like a very good thing.

Recently joining the cast are Florence Pugh, Shia LaBeouf, and Chris Pine.

I was already excited for Wilde’s next directed film, and that cast solidified my interest in it.

Now, hopefully in the near future, they can start filming. There’s just so much potential there.