I can’t really say I watched Walker, Texas Ranger, since I really wasn’t a Chuck Norris fan. I mean, there were way better martial arts actors at the time — namely, my favorite, Mark Dacascos. Anyway! There was news a while ago that the show was being rebooted and I didn’t really think much of it. Until not too long ago. Following the end of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki was cast in the lead role for Walker, Texas Ranger.

I have to admit that I’m suddenly interested. I greatly enjoy Padalecki in Supernatural. I know, I know — that’s stating the very obvious about me. And part of the fun of him being cast in Texas Ranger is that he actually is from Texas. Also what’s part of the fun is that the CW just cannot let go of the man — they will be airing the show; they found a way to keep him around.

I won’t lie — I’m hoping to see a lot of familiar faces from Supernatural making a cameo on Walker, Texas Ranger. Except Misha Collins. Just put him in a reboot of Teen Angel.