muppetbabiesI spent the last few days ill and other night, in a haze of sickness and medicine, I was feeling nostalgic and browsed YouTube. There was one cartoon that I haven’t thought about for years and I had a strong urge to watch it. I put on the opening to Muppet Babies and I was instantly submerged in my childhood. Somehow, I remembered the lyrics. I sang it a lot when I was four or five.

Now for the weird part: It was announced today that Muppet Babies is making a return in an all-new production on Disney. It was a fun coincidence. It was a wonderful show that encouraged imagination with young kids — it definitely got me to wear my grandfather’s hat and pretend I was a detective once or twice. Possibly three times. Maybe four.

Muppet Babies will return on Disney Junior in early 2018. They better still use the original theme song; I’m just saying. But really, I’m pretty stoked for the children. I fondly remember my version and I’m sure they will like theirs just as much.