thevampirediariesYes, I watch The Vampire Diaries. That is, until the past two seasons. I still watch. Just not on a regular basis. It wasn’t grabbing my attention like it used to. Things kept going back to the status quo. And now its star Nina Dobrev is leaving at the end of the current season.

It’s one of those rare occasions where the star of a television series is leaving while the show continues. Everything that has happened so far, is because of Dobrev’s Elena. Or you could blame the Salvatore brothers’ obsession with her. Either way, Elena was the integral part.

I’d rather not see Dobrev leave, but it’ll at least shake things up. A lot. The story may have begun with Elena, but it gradually became more of an ensemble. The story went beyond her. It’ll be a smooth transition – one that will likely cause a lot of turmoil for the rest of The Vampire Diaries characters. So yes, the bad news could easily turn into a good thing for the show. No more Elena means no more hangups for Damon and Stefan. Which means more fun. Which also means it needs more Alaric.