flashgordonI saw the headline for a Flash Gordon reboot and I recoiled in disgust. Granted, there’s been different incarnations of the comic strip, but the 80s movie was the definitive version for me. The theme song by Queen certainly helps. So could you blame me?

I fondly look back on the 80s movie and I still occasionally quote it to friends. I still make the joke that Disneyland’s Space Mountain should be renamed “Flash Mountain” with the theme song blaring in the speakers. And by joke, I mean I was very sincere with the suggestion.

The movie screams 80s and a lot of the fun is because of that. Taking away that element would change Flash Gordon immensely. Well … for fans like me. That would be the main argument for the reboot and why it isn’t a good idea. But the comic strip was made in the 1930s. So I should eat my words. If they were edible.

With that in mind, I became a little more open to it. Throw in director Matthew Vaughn and I’m even more keen to the idea. His X-Men movie remains my favorite of the franchise. He’s only in talks at this stage, but he’d be a good choice to helm the reboot.

I only ask that they use the theme music by Queen. Even if it’s a modern take. Queen is timeless.