doctorstrangeMarvel’s Phase 2 tiptoed into new waters with their highly successful Guardians of the Galaxy – which is in theaters. Go see it. If you did, go see it again. You know it’s worth it.

Where was I?

Phase 3 intends to bring more superheroes to the big screen. One of them is Doctor Strange. The interesting thing with Marvel’s approach for this one is that they scrapped a screenplay they already had ready. They don’t want to keep telling origin stories. Doctor Strange is the perfect one to go into with the character already established.

Wait, why?

Stephen Strange is practically Tony Stark; arrogant, intelligent, and abrasive. The only real difference is that Strange is a surgeon. Then comes the humbling experiences that transforms him into a hero. Only instead of a suit of armor, it is magical powers and becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.

Jon Spaihts of Prometheus is working on the screenplay.