I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself.

It seems like out of nowhere that another Predator movie is in pre-production with director Shane Black at the helm. The assumption from nearly everyone is “reboot” since Predators didn’t do as well as Fox would like, and the original was decades ago. Luckily, Black had another thing in mind.

Black, along with screenwriter Fred Dekker, see the project as a way to expand and explore the Predator mythology. Black said he wasn’t a fan of reboots, but can get behind an inventive sequel – Iron Man 3 comes to mind.

I’m a fan of Shane Black’s work; especially the movie I mentioned and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. There’s a level of wit that makes things so fun. There’s also the Christmas element that he loves to set things in. I cannot wait for the Predator Christmas special.

Jokes aside, it’s almost funny that Black is directing the next movie. His first acting gig was on the original Predator film. He was the guy with all the jokes that fell flat. But not to us. In our hearts, we laughed. Hard.