madmaxfuryroadNews on George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has trickled in for the past couple years. Starring Tom Hardy in the titular role and Charlize Theron as the antagonist, Imperator Furiosa.

The plot is ultimately still unknown, but Miller did share one tidbit of information to Entertainment Weekly:

I wanted to tell a linear story–a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes. In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed.”

Sounds like a fun idea, doesn’t it? It makes me think of Dredd, which focused on a single day’s incident. If Fury Road is anything like that, it will benefit from a focused plot. And it’ll be one hell of a road trip; full of explosions and guns blazing.

Oh –- it doesn’t hurt that the leads are Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. They’re both talented and fun actors to watch on-screen. Or their windows. No, wait.

Entertainment Weekly released photos that can be viewed HERE. The aesthetics are staying true to the earlier movies, and that’s perfect.

Mad Max: Fury Road is slated for release May 15, 2015.