The second trailer for Marvel Studios’ biggest gamble is out. Guardians of the Galaxy is shaping up to be the space opera of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With director James Gunn, they’re clearly going all out.

Chris (Marvel Studios loves the name Chris) Pratt stars as . . . Star-Lord. He leads a misfit crew on Serenity of heroes against forces I won’t get into because you need to see for yourself in theaters. I might be jumping the gun, but it’ll be worth it. Trust me. Maybe.

I’m a fan of Iron Man (and Robert Downey Jr.) but for Marvel’s “Phase 2”, I was most looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a huge departure from previous movies. It’s quirky. It has Gunn’s sense of humor, which oddly fits in Marvel’s shared universe. Overall, it looks fun.

And it’s great hearing Vin Diesel utter, “I am Groot!” as a big, talking tree. Wouldn’t you agree?

Guardians of the Galaxy unleashes in theaters blah blah blah.

I’m very much looking forward to it.