xmendaysoffuturepastposterWe’re getting closer to the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and director Bryan Singer already mentioned filming X-Men: Apocalypse next. Despite that, and Wolverine getting a third movie, Fox wants to expand their movie universe. There’s talk about more spin-offs for other characters.

On the forefront for producers is the idea of a Mystique movie with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s done a wonderful job in X-Men: First Class, and she’s proven with The Hunger Games franchise that she can lead. It would just be a matter if they want to have her as an anti-hero (more than likely) or go down the villainous path of the comics.

Another that was brought up was Gambit. Can’t say I care.

What really piqued my interest is that producer Lauren Shuler Donner also mentioned Deadpool. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese of Zombieland already wrote the script, and Ryan Reynolds has tried to move the project forward.

My gosh, I joked before that it’s a yearly tradition for news on Deadpool. It’s practically true.

It’s the first time a producer mentioned a solo movie for Deadpool, but the problem is: Will they allow a Rated-R comic book film? Then again, violence seems fine for PG-13 – just can’t have excessive cussing. Right?

It actually makes sense having spin-offs in the X-Men universe. Fox has the film rights to all of Marvel’s mutants. There’s a lot of them. We haven’t even seen the X-Force.

Just bring back Cyclops, please. Bring him back to life and push him to the forefront, where he belongs.