cyborgWe all joked that the currently filming Batman vs. Superman movie is practically a Justice League film; Ben Affleck joined as Batman against Henry Cavill’s Superman; Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman. Now the role of Cyborg was officially cast as well.

Joining the big three is theater actor Ray Fisher, who will play Cyborg. If you haven’t watched Teen Titans or Smallville, Cyborg is essentially a person who is fatally injured and healed by cybernetic enhancements. Physical upgrades mean becoming a hero or a villain, obviously, so Cyborg becomes part of the Justice League. Casting a theater actor is a good approach – just look at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

At this point they should really drop the facade that it’s a Batman vs. Superman film. The jokes are becoming truths. The WB/DC really are scrambling to catch up to Marvel’s shared universe approach. If they’re continuing to cast Justice League members, they shouldn’t use them as just cameos. Really, it’d just take away from the story – unless that’s their plan. They should just go all out; quick explanations for each character, move the plot forward, establish the team now. Then flesh them out in their own films.

The WB/DC seems comfortable with only Batman and Superman film adaptations. If it takes having a Justice League film in place of a Superman sequel Batman vs. Superman to finally bring out other superheroes, then it’s worth it. It’ll probably be a mess, but at least they’ll finally show more than just the same two. (We’ll pretend Green Lantern didn’t happen.)

The tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman is slated for release May 6, 2016.