supernatural9The CW is working hard on bringing Supernatural: Tribes to fruition. It was just this week a few actors were announced. And now – well, a couple more are announced. Joining the cast are Danielle Savre and Stephen Martines.

Danielle Savre, you may or may not remember, was on Heroes as Jackie, a close friend and rival of Claire. (I apologize for bringing up Heroes.) Savre will play Margo, the leader of the shapeshifter clan. She’s described as an ex-punk-rocker-turned-corporate professional. And she’s the sister of Nathaniel Buzolic’s David.

Stephen Martines is another alumni of The Vampire Diaries, who will play Detective Freddie Costa; which is humorous, since his character on the mentioned show was Frederick. Costa serves as a mentor to Lucien Laviscount’s Ennis, but is secretly being paid off by one of the monster families.

I was already interested in Tribes, but the more casting coming along, the more my interest piques. It’s expanding the scope of the Supernatural world, and furthers the topic that there’s more than meets the eye for some monsters; not all of them are strictly killers.

Supernatural: Tribes will air as a backdoor pilot on the April 29th episode of Supernatural.