seanfarisThe spinoff for Supernatural continues to pick up steam. The Vampire Diaries actor, Sean Faris, joins Supernatural: Tribes as werewolf Julian Durant.

Instead of focusing solely on the hunting side of things — or the demons and angels thing — Tribes will center on two families at odds in Chicago. And oh yeah, one is a family of werewolves and the other is a family of shapeshifters. They’re both described as mafia-like. In the middle of it all — or on the fringe — is a new hunter.

The first episode will air on April 29 on Supernatural as a backdoor pilot. Maybe we’ll get to see the Winchesters special guest star every now and then as terrifying monsters on Tribes.

Now knowing that werewolves are heavily involved, I’m curious if we’ll see Garth and his ilk rolling into town as well.