theavengersageofultronMore Marvel news? Of course! They have many movies in the pipeline. The Avengers: Age of Ultron has cast another villain, because you’d need more than a killer A.I.

Thomas Kretschmann of NBC’s Dracula will portray Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. The name alone should give you an idea that he’s a Captain America villain. He’s a leader of HYDRA, which had its own crazy experiments with people and technology.

Speculation kicking in yet? It is for me. I can’t help it. Maybe HYDRA will have a hand in the creation of Ultron instead of Tony Stark, as earlier thought. Steal a version of JARVIS and set him from “snark” to “kill”.

I don’t know anything about Kretschmann, but I can say that Marvel has been on spot with their casting.

And if there’s one thing films need, it’s more Nazi fringe groups for superheroes to punch.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron brings Phase 2 to its exciting conclusion, May 1, 2015.