doctorstrangeThe latest Marvel rumor is that Johnny Depp is in talks to play Doctor Strange in a “Phase 3” movie. It makes a lot of sense. Depp has strong ties with Disney, and they own Marvel. Putting the two together is a guarantee for success. Unless The Lone Ranger really put the boots to Depp.

Depp would be a great fit for Doctor Strange; he’s quirky, he can pull off otherworldly with ease. Doctor Strange practices the mystic arts, with the abilities of teleportation, astral projection, telepathy, energy blasts — well . . . you get the idea. Much like the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, it would be quite different from Marvel’s previous movies.

If the rumor is true, I desperately hope Tim Burton stays away. Otherwise, what could be a unique comic book movie, would be just another gothic, whimsical Burton flick about his wife and Depp sharing a kiss.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is slated for 2015.