sherlockThe second season of BBC’s Sherlock ended on a devastating note, but as expected, it isn’t the end of the series. Well, except for series 2 — that is what England calls it, right? Nevertheless!

If you aren’t caught up, then please, do not continue reading.

Sherlock faked his death to defeat his nemesis, Moriarty, and took it far enough that his life partner Doctor Watson fell for the ruse.

The first official photo released shows Doctor Watson sitting alone in a diner, clearly thinking fondly of the adventures he’s had with Sherlock — not to mention, missing him. And outside the window? Sherlock hauntingly stalking Watson. The bromance is clearly heading towards dark territory.

Sherlock returns in its third season January 19 in the US, while the UK date is still unknown. But it’s a given that it’ll be before the 19th. Almost confusing but fun, yeah? I’m looking forward to it.