mosesDirector Ridley Scott’s next epic sci-fi is bringing Moses back on the big screen. By “sci-fi” I mean “biblical”, but “epic” stays because of the cast for Exodus.

Christian Bale stars as Moses. I really hope he uses his Batman voice to demand, “Let my people go!” and “Where is the promised land?”

Playing Pharaoh Ramses II is Joel Edgerton, with John Turturro as Ramses’ father, Seti, and Sigourney Weaver as the mother, Tuya.

Ben Kingsley is up for portraying a Hebrew Scholar, furthering the talk that he can play any nationality. And also in negotiations? Aaron Paul of the brilliant television show Breaking Bad, as the Hebrew slave Joshua, who helps lead the people to the promised land.

It looks like a great cast, and I’m especially interested to see Aaron Paul deviate away from his Jesse Pinkman character in Breaking Bad. There’s no doubt he would hold his own with the likes of Christian Bale.