Man of Steel is out in theaters and speculation for the sequel is already circulating. One of the possibilities is Lex Luthor being the antagonist, which makes sense considering the LexCorp logos we saw in the movie. Or that’s leaping — over a tall building — in a single bound.


Michael Rosenbaum, more commonly known as Lex Luthor in Smallville, has took to Twitter to express his interest in reprising the role for the sequel.

Sure, there would be complaints that Smallville‘s Lex being the Lex in a Man of Steel movie, but hey, Amy Adams was also in the television show — so why not? It doesn’t hurt that Rosenbaum was the best part of Smallville; his Lex Luthor was brilliant.

But let’s be honest, Bryan Cranston would make a brilliant Lex Luthor too.