In 2000, Vin Diesel brought to life the memorable character Riddick in the science fiction thriller-horror, Pitch Black; it’s a little hard to forget a character whose eyes are silver, after all. Then Riddick made the jump to a space opera-action film in Chronicles of Riddick. A couple video games and a few years later, Diesel reprises his role for the third time.

Simply entitled Riddick, the third movie follows the man stranded on a desolate planet, which inhabits dangerous predators — no, not that kind of predator. Bounty hunters touch down and things, as expected, become violent.

The trailer is out (up top, obviously, Lana) and it looks to bring back some of the horror elements from Pitch Black. Then there’s the addition of Battlestar Galactica‘s own Katee Sackhoff as one of the bounty hunters; she’s a perfect fit.

Riddick returns to theaters September 6, 2013.