alanritchsonMany people celebrated when Michael Bay came on board as the producer for the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. By “celebrated” I mean “an outcry of rage”. The same happened again when Megan Fox was announced to star as April O’Neil.

I must admit that I found it funny. A lot of people think that Bay ruined Transformers (Autobots were more antagonistic than Decepticons), and consider Fox as strictly eye candy. It was a surprise too since Bay and Fox had strong words against each other in the past.

One of the turtles, Raphael, has been cast. Alan Ritchson will portray the role of the hot-headed turtle. If he seems familiar, it’s because he was the actor brave enough to play Aquaman in Smallville.

For those holding onto optimism, Ninja Turtles is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who is known for Battle: Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans. The project is in capable hands.

Ninja Turtles is slated for release June 6, 2014.

Good or bad, I’m looking forward to the reboot. It’s gonna be fun.