starwarsDisney really is taking advantage of their Star Wars property. They’re bringing a new trilogy into fruition, and they’re planning spinoffs for fan favorites Han Solo and Boba Fett. Both spinoffs will take place within the timeline of the original trilogy. In Solo’s case, it’ll take place before A New Hope. I’m strangely more than okay with the news.

And now I get to geek out more about how — you guessed it — Matthew Davis should play Han Solo in the spinoff. Here, allow me to quote myself from October:

[…]the man is practically Harrison Ford incarnate, and he has the charisma.”

Countless others have felt the same since Davis has been on The Vampire Diaries. This recent news is making fans more vocal for Davis to take up the mantle. And frankly, he’s perfect for the part.

Make it happen, Disney.

Just look at him!

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