godzillaLegendary Pictures is quietly at work on Gareth Edward’s version of Godzilla — well, quiet enough after their promotion at last year’s Comic-Con. Of course at the center of it all is the monstrous Godzilla, wrecking havoc and leveling cities like only he can. But who will actually act in it?

One of their prospects is the great and one of the most magnificent things to grace Comic-Con panels, (yes, I mean to objectify him) Bryan Cranston. There were talks that one of the characters is a scientist, so it’s safe to say that Cranston would fulfill that role. With a badass flair of course.

There’s been talks that there might be appearances from other monsters, which Godzilla would get in battle against. Maybe, just maybe, one of those monsters will be Walter White.

Godzilla is slated for a May 2014 release. But I hope they decide to push that date back. It seems way too early for such an endeavor.