For a couple years now the sequel to Disney’s Tron: Legacy was up in the air. They wanted the continuation of the original to be a starting point towards a franchise, but it didn’t exactly pan out that way. Regardless, it was still a success, and a third film is finally moving forward.

Director Joseph Kosinski is returning to spearhead the production, with David DiGilio drafting the screenplay. It’s a given that they’ll want Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde to reprise their roles. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll bring back Jeff Bridges just because. And you know they’ll want to bring back Tron himself.

I’m stoked. Tron: Legacy has brilliant visuals; the father and son aspect is endearing; and the callbacks are nostalgic. Not to mention, Daft Punk’s score for the movie is incredible.

With Tron: Legacy reintroducing its premise and a current cartoon, Disney can easily jump right into things with the third movie.