There’s big plans for season eight of Supernatural on the CW. New showrunner Jeremy Carver has concrete plans for a new story arc that intends to enrich the overall show, along with not forgetting the silliness the series likes to dive into at times to make fun of itself and pop culture.

Read on if you don’t mind knowing the direction of the new season and about the more comedic episodes.

Rather than focus on Dean’s escape from purgatory, the show will jump forward with the Winchesters already reunited. Sounds like an easy way out, right? No, the writers aren’t ignoring purgatory. In fact, while the brothers push forward with new purpose, there will be flashbacks to Dean’s experiences in purgatory. There will also be flashbacks to how Sam copes with the loss of his loved ones.

Now for the comedy? Carver revealed that there’s an episode involving LARPing — which we got a taste of before in the episode The Real Ghostbusters. If that isn’t enough, there’s a cartoon episode, where in live-action, everything follows cartoon physics. The show also gives their own take on Paranormal Activity, with an episode filmed entirely in the static found-footage style.

They aren’t forgetting some lighthearted moments, and so far it sounds like they’re a lot more focused compared to the previous two seasons.

Now I’m just curious about the fate of Castiel and Bobby and how they’ll play into the story.

Supernatural returns to television on the CW tomorrow. Yes, that’s right — tomorrow.