In 2007 WB were in the process of filming an adaptation of Justice League of America. In the role of Batman was Armie Hammer, who was a surprising choice since he was unknown at the time. But as we all know, that movie didn’t pan out and we got Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins starring Christian Bale instead.

The Justice League movie might’ve been scrapped but they were literally days away from filming. Hammer not only had his part down, but he was already fitted in the Batman costume.

Why am I bringing up what-could-have-been? WB is once again planning a Justice League movie, one that moves away from Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Rumored to be on top of their list for Batman? Armie Hammer. And why wouldn’t he be? He got on the radar with his role in The Social Network and stars in the upcoming movie The Lone Ranger, with Johnny Depp. Hammer has already proven to the studio that he can play Batman, so he’s a natural choice for the second try at Justice League.

Regardless on the new casting for Batman, the studio expressed that the casting choices will be self-contained in Justice League and won’t branch off into other superhero flicks. It’s quite different than Marvel’s approach with a shared universe for all their superhero movies.