Indiana Jones will make a return to theaters from September 7 to 13 with Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was fully converted to IMAX.

Gasp! IMAX instead of 3D? It’s a very welcomed surprise, especially with the rise of 3D as of late.

Director Steven Spielberg (obviously) had the chance to view the IMAX conversion of his film, who went from casually pessimistic to being impressed with how it turned out.

“I didn’t know if the 1981 print would stand up to a full IMAX transfer, so I came expecting a sort of grainy, muddy, and overly enlarged representation of the movie I had made
[31] years ago. And I was blown away by the fact that it looked better than the movie I had made [31] years ago.”

AMC Theaters will also throw an Indiana Jones marathon showing all four movies, starting at 10:30 a.m. for $25, including a collectible poster and lanyard.

Along with the IMAX release, Raiders of the Lost Ark will be released on Blu-ray.

I’m pretty excited — by all of it, really.