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The first thing director Len Wiseman said after his cast settled in their seats for the panel was mention that their first time at Comic-Con last year, they had nothing to really show. But this year it’s different. And without wasting any time, he presented a six-minute clip to the audience in Hall H.

I’d describe the footage but do you really want me spoiling it for you? Of course you don’t!

Wiseman unwittingly threw himself under the bus when he described Kate Beckinsale’s character as a psycho-bitch wife. Beckinsale, being his wife, feigned being offended. Colin Farrell was quick to tease her, saying she read for the part by already being Wiseman’s wife.

Attention was then focused on Bryan Cranston and his evil Cohaagen. Cranston in the only way he can, exclaimed, “Evil? Me? No.” He looked over at the sign language interpreter and added, “I heard my character was described as a douchebag — how does that look in sign language?” After a few moments, he remarked, “Now I know.”

Unlike others who went through rigorous training for their fight scenes, Cranston claimed that his training was spent at a bar drinking a lot with Wiseman and working out his character. His Cohaagen doesn’t believe he’s evil, but rather someone who uses means to an end to bring a utopia to the people.

Photo courtesy of My Flair Pix

Cohaagen’s interactions with Farrell’s character? Cranston informed the audience that Cohaagen views Douglas Quaid as a spoiled teen acting out for attention. His explanation caused Farrell to start throwing Hershey’s Kisses at Cranston, who dodged and giggled that Farrell is acting up again.

Upon being asked about filling in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shoes, Farrell jokingly answered, “Airy”. In a more serious response, he elaborated that there’s a tonal shift in their version of Total Recall; that it’s essentially about a man searching for his true identity, so he didn’t feel like he was playing the same role.

According to Farrell, incredible practical sets were constructed for filming, mentioning that the Rekall Center was like an opium den, and joked that he felt very much at home.

Most revealing moment of the panel? Biel tried to tell what made her want to come on board for the movie and said she was under Len’s spell, but Cranston cut her off by saying, “Oh, you slept with him too?”

And I leave you with that! Other than that Total Recall releases in theaters August 3, 2012.

I’m pretty stoked.