Marvel has always been one to go all out for Comic-Con and Iron Man 3 was no different. Right away the lights dimmed and a video began to play, showing producer Kevin Feige at Comic-Con in 2006 discussing the possibility of creating superhero movies where the characters could have crossovers and go as far as an Avengers film. It then cut to another Comic-Con panel of Robert Downey Jr. excitedly talking Iron Man. Clips from the panels of Thor and Captain America then followed. It concluded with the cast of The Avengers together for the first time at Comic-Con and, a shot of the team in the record-breaking film.

Kevin Feige mentioned that there’s four movies in the pipeline for Marvel. He didn’t waste anytime and went over the announcements:

Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013.

Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014.

The fourth film? It was merely a rumor until now:

Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.

The panel was for Iron Man 3, right?

Feige asked if we were still curious on Ant-Man that Edgar Wright has been writing. The crowd cheered in response, which prompted Feige to call Wright out on stage. Without hesitation, Wright asked the audience if they’d like to see unfinished test footage of Ant-Man. A cheer wasn’t enough, Wright continued to ask us over and over, the crowd cheering louder, almost demanding.

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Finally he gave the okay and the test footage began to play. I initially had reservations of ‘Ant-Man’ and thought the character would come off cheesy — I was very wrong. The test footage showed Ant-Man fighting two security guards and fully showcasing his powers. He switched between his regular stature and tiny form during the fight — to sum it up: it was incredibly badass and comparable to Nightcrawler’s scene in X-Men 2: United.

One of Wright’s parting words to Hall H was “Ant-Man will kick your ass; one inch at a time.” He asked if we’d like to watch the footage again. Of course we cheered, but Wright in his usual, humorous fashion replied, “Tough shit!” and gleefully left the stage.

Oh yeah, Iron Man 3? No such thing. Okay, okay, I’m kidding.

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The lights dimmed and a spotlight beamed down the aisle near me. Robert Downey Jr. in a stylish suit stepped through the curtain and stood there in all his glory for the attendees. Music blared and he strutted and danced down the aisle, showing off that he’s wearing an Iron Man glove that lit up.

Once he reached the stage, Robert Downey Jr. went straight into things and introduced the exclusive footage for Comic-Con.

What’s there to say? The footage began with Tony Stark in his garage, calling his armors his “girls” and mentioned a new one; he dramatically posed towards armor that’s scattered on a work table but nothing happened. Naturally. He again posed and a glove flew up and perfectly encased his hand. He instantly became confident and more pieces of the armor flew at him. And, as always with the initial confidence, he gets overwhelmed and thrown about by his own armor.

That’s as much as I’ll describe — besides that Sir Ben Kingsley is in it as the Mandarin — and he looks badass.

The questionnaire portion was entertaining, but why wouldn’t it be? Jon Favreau exclaimed that he was double booked with Iron Man 3 and his new show Revolution, on NBC. It was an obvious plug. So it of course prompted Don Cheadle to grin and plug his show House of Lies on Showtime. Robert Downey Jr. didn’t  want to feel left out, so he plugged Captain Planet, starring Don Cheadle.

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When asked about the various villains popping up in Iron Man 3, director Shane Black assured fans that it won’t be like Spider-Man 3 where they’re all separate.

Black couldn’t help himself but share a secret with everyone in attendance: Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.

Downey took offense and asked, “So I’m an asshole?”

Without skipping a beat, Black replied, “A rich asshole!”

The Demon in a Bottle storyline was a topic at one point, but Downey said that he can’t see it happening for a feature-length film, saying it’d be bars for 30 days and then coming back for a rehab robot battle.

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At the end of the panel Favreau left Black with a piece of advice: Give Hall H what they want; show the footage one more time.

The crowd roared with approval.

Favreau then added, “Unlike Russel Brand, who walked out.

“That was Edgar Wright,” Black corrected.

“Now I’ve done it,” Favreau responded as the lights dimmed for one more viewing.

Once again, Iron Man 3 rocks theaters May 3, 2013.

After the footage we’ve seen at Comic-Con, I simply cannot wait.