We’re getting closer to the release of Judge Dredd, which means more photos circulating for the remake. Yes, there was a film loosely based on the comic years ago starring Sylvester Stallone; yes it was a very cheesy but fun movie, but it barely took things from the source material.

The remake stars Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and co-stars Olivia Thirlby as rookie cop Cassandra Anderson, with Lena Headey as the antagonist, Ma-Ma.

The plot revolves around the two judges investigating a crime in a massive apartment that most judges wouldn’t dare enter. Ma-Ma doesn’t like this and — well, you can see where this is going; the judges have to fight for their lives.

This time John Wagner, the creator of Judge Dredd, had some input on the movie and had more than a few kind words about the finished product, ultimately giving it his approval.

Judge Dredd makes a return to theaters September 21.