Actor Lucas Till, who portrayed Alex Summers (Havok) in X-Men: First Class sat down and talked about his character and things he wants in the sequel that is in the works. A major thing he wants? The inclusion of a particular love interest for Havok.

The character in question is Lorna Dane, also known as Polaris. In the comics Dane is a member of the X-Men and — as you guessed it — in a longstanding relationship with Summers. Her powers are very similar to Magneto’s; control magnetism, create force fields and using the earth’s magnetic field to make herself fly. Oh, and Polaris’ mutation caused her hair to be naturally green.

Lucas Till went on about his own character and the fact he doesn’t like how Havok controlled his powers like he’s shooting hula hoops. He hopes — much like many of us — that in the sequel new devices like gauntlets are developed to help harness his powers. Because after all, it’d be much more thematically badass to shoot blasts with his hands rather than his body.