Lost writer Damon Lindelof sat down with Entertainment Weekly discussing his part in the production of Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi, Prometheus. He was initially given the first draft of the screenplay and was asked for his input.

A good idea really, considering Lindelof’s storytelling in the popular show Lost was compelling.

After given the script, Lindelof responded to Scott and co. via email with his input. He complimented the characters, set pieces and story, but reasoned that using the facehuggers and xenomorphs is tired after so many movies since Alien. Lindelof went on to offer an alternative:

“We can present iterations of that stuff in different ways.”

Ridley Scott liked the idea so much that Lindelof was given the reigns to take a different direction with the story. Gone were the monstrous aliens and facehuggers — but Weyland’s company? They still have a strong presence. And as we’ve seen from the viral video of David, androids have a presence as well.

Basically, Prometheus and Alien take place in the same movie universe, but deal with different horrors that the protagonists must face.

It truly was a good decision. Lindelof is right that using the xenomorphs again wouldn’t have the same sense of fear anymore; especially after the amount of films that came out that used them. It’s a fresh take and leaves a mystery for the audience.

Prometheus comes out in theaters June 8.