Video clips from X-Men: First Class are making rounds online. And instead of the usual focus on Charles Xavier and Magneto, these three clips focus on Banshee, Havok and Beast.

The first is on Banshee. His ability is a sonic scream that causes massive physical vibrations and the capability to harm another’s auditory senses. On top of this, Banshee can fly at the speed of sound due to his sonic scream.


Next up is a video clip on Havok, also known as Alex Summers. In the comics he’s the younger brother of Cyclops (Scott Summers), but in this film he’s apparently only related to Cyclops. Havok’s powers is plasma blasts, which he has difficulty controlling. (It pretty much runs in the family, eh?)


The third and final clip is on Hank McCoy. Despite his mutation into Beast, he possess intelligence in biochemistry and genetics; and becomes a political activist for mutants. And, of course, he’s one of the most charming of the X-Men.


The film has been surprising me as of late. The odd choice of characters and the few changes made to some aren’t bothersome anymore. What at first looked like a cash-in to keep the franchise is starting to look like a genuinely good movie. They seem to get it this time. I’m excited.

X-Men: First Class is out June 3, 2011.