Harrison Ford told CNN that George Lucas is working on a new Indiana Jones film while promoting his news comedy Morning Glory. He added that he’d be happy to shoot another film if Lucas’ ideas are something he and Steven Spielberg can agree and work on.

Is there any reason why George Lucas should again have a hand in the Indiana Jones franchise? Then again, he does surround himself with yes-men and sycophants. So of course he thinks his ideas are top-notch. There was no one there to say, “No, George, aliens do not belong in Indy”. So who knows what silly ideas Lucas has for Indiana Jones. He’s almost intent on getting fanboys angry. On second thought: that sounds like a fun hobby.

Ahem. Anyway . . .

Another issue for Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford’s age. He’s 68 years old now. It would be reaching for his character to do the physical stunts that he’s done in the past. It’d be an easy fix in a new movie though. Indy is resourceful and smart. Use that to his advantage; work it into the story.

I was excited for a new Indiana Jones film — hopefully one that would end the franchise gracefully — but if Lucas has a hand in the creative process again, it’s going to suffer greatly.