Stephen King’s fantasy series The Dark Tower has become Universal’s next franchise. It will be produced as both three films and a TV series. An interesting thing is that Ron Howard will be directing both the first movie and the first season of The Dark Tower. It will definitely keep the two coherent with each other, and that in itself is rather unique.

The Dark Tower is Stephen King’s series of books that can be described as a fantasy gunslinger. It also incorporates horror themes. Naturally. The plot revolves around Roland Deschain, the last survivor and gunslinger of Arthur Eld. Nations have been torn apart; some as far as merely vanishing. And time isn’t orderly. Roland searches for the Dark Tower, a building that’s only talked about; a building that is the nexus of universes.

The fact that the first movie and the first season of the TV series for The Dark Tower will have the same director is an exciting endeavor. Though, I’m curious if they’ll be using the same actors or not. Hopefully they do. And making it a series on HBO would be a good move.