Produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell is horror/comedy Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Tommy Wirkola will direct. Actor Jeremy Renner has recently stated that he and Noomi Rapace are in talks to star in the film.

Of course most people know that Hansel and Gretel is a Brothers Grimm fairytale about two children who are lured by a witch with treats to her home — where they learn the horrible truth that she eats children. Eventually they make their escape after shoving the witch into her own oven.

The film will take place fifteen years after the events in the Brothers Grimm fairytale. The premise deals with Hansel and Gretel at an adult age and becoming full-fledged witch hunters.

It would be strong casting with Jeremy Renner and Noomi Rapace. And director Tommy Wirkola is no stranger to the horror genre — with Nazi zombie movie Dead Snow under his belt.