Actress Zoe Kazan told listeners on a radio show that her boyfriend, actor Paul Dano is having a great time on set for Cowboys & Aliens. Jon Favreau directs the adaptation starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, with Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde.

At Comic-Con, Jon Favreau shared days old footage with the audience to give a feel for what they’re going for — not to mention finally bringing Harrison Ford to Comic-Con — and in handcuffs nonetheless. It felt like a western aside from the futuristic technology wrapped around Daniel Craig’s wrist, but eventually a small, alien spacecraft attacks the town. The thing around Craig’s wrist turns out to be a weapon he uses to shoot down the spacecraft; with onlookers bewildered; one of them being Harrison Ford’s character who wants Craig’s dead.

Luckily the technology we saw in the footage wasn’t steampunk like Will Smith’s Wild Wild West. It would’ve made it hard for the film to stand on its own. The effects leaned heavily towards practical rather then CG, which the audience ate up.

From what we saw at Comic-Con, Cowboys & Aliens is shaping up nicely, and hearing cast members talking about what a blast it is on set shows that Favreau truly is growing as a director. It’s gonna be a fun ride.