Jeremy Renner from the Hurt Locker is the latest actor in talks with Marvel Studios to join the cast of the Avengers. He would be casted as the hero Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is the alias of Clint Barton, who was an orphan who ran away and joined circus. He was trained how to use the bow and arrow under the tutelage of the Swordsman and Trickshot until finding out that they’re criminals; leading to a violent falling out. Later, Clint is inspired by Iron Man to become a hero and became Hawkeye. Unfortunately he’s quickly mistaken of being a thief.

On the run he meets and falls in love with the Soviet spy Black Widow. She tricks him into helping her try to procure Stark technology, which leads to several battles with Iron Man. Hawkeye is then convinced to go straight by breaking into the Avengers’ mansion to “apply” as a member. He becomes an Avenger and receives extensive training from Captain America.

There will definitely be changes to his background for the movie since a big part of his past involves Black Widow, whose character was changed to be an agent of SHIELD in Iron Man 2. I’m glad that Marvel Studios will be bringing in other Avengers, and not just the big four who have their own films.

Source: (Heat Vision Blog)