Sony plans on rebooting Spider-Man, which I consider a good thing since the prior films never really captured Spider-Man’s personality. They insisted that they want to distance the new film from the trilogy and focus on Peter Parker during his high school years. Again, I consider this a good thing.

So why are they bringing in a screenwriter from the former films? Scriptwriter Alvin Sargent has been hired to polish the screenplay written by Jamie Vanderbilt. Does this means all of Spidey’s witty quips will be practically nonexistent and replaced with drama? Spider-Man does have his drama, but without his sarcasm, comic fans won’t be nearly as happy with the reboot.

If Sony is smart, they would look at the recent success of Iron Man 2 and realize that a gritty drama is unnecessary. Fit the mood of the source material. If it worked for readers, it’ll work for viewers. Also, cast Logan Lerman as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He’s right for the part and you know it.

Source: (Heat Vision Blog)